The Smart Health Diet describes a BALANCED diet that is NUTRITIOUS and RISK FREE in every way, with SUSTAINABLE meal plans that all people and age groups can enjoy.

Where do we find the healthiest people on earth? Are they really significantly healthier than other people? What are they eating? Are they doing anything different from us regular mortals?

Indeed, we know who they are and where they live. Dr Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones, has found them and researched their life styles and diets in detail over the past decade. They are called “Centenarians” because they are older than 100 years. Of course Dr. Buettner and his team are interested in finding the secrets to a longer and healthier life. Their comments, and the comments of some doctors/scientists who study them, seem simple sometimes and other times quite complicated. It looks like there are quite a lot one can do to add another 7 – 10 healthy years to your life – God willing of course.

They have identified about 5 Blue Zone communities all over the world (in the USA, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece and Japan) where people live significantly longer than the communities close to them.  They have looked closely at these people and identified the things they do that are different from neighbouring communities that make them live healthier and longer.

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The Smart Health Diet, in most ways, tries to emulate the Mediterranean diet. Of course it cannot be exactly copied as we live in another part of the world where we have different livestock, fish, fruits, vegetables and grains. One can however, follow the lessons we learn from the Centenarians and apply it to our own situation.

Are there really no heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other risks associated with the Smart Health principles? The fact that the healthiest people on earth follow these principles, consciously or unconsciously, says a lot. It is the healthiest way of eating in the world, it is a simple nutritional model that we can all follow easily and enjoy.

To improve your health and get moving in the right direction regarding your lifestyle and diet you will have to expect and plan. Many people have made small to drastic changes to their lifestyles, changed their eating habits and so can you. It will help if you tart with a plan:

  1. Define the areas of your life you want to target for improvement. It may be your cholesterol values, your fitness levels or whatever. The important thing is to identify these, then picture yourself improving over a period of time.
  2. If you have a clear picture of where you want to go to with your health, then you must plan a course of action. Answer to yourself questions like:- What is breakfast going to look like? How am I going to fit in a lunch in my daily schedule? What kind of snack will I carry with me every day? What am I going to do when I am at a party or eating out? When and what kind of exercise am I going to do. The expect and plan process is crucial in moving your lifestyle and eating habits in the right direction.
  3. There are very handy self-help tools and a lot of information available on the site and the links included on the separate webpages. If you follow the directives of the Smart Health Diet, make use of the lists, suggested Apps and equip yourselves with some of the books then you will be on your way to better health very quickly. But you may need a little personal assistance and guidance –  that is when a registered dietitian, can stand by you and coach you through to a lifestyle with better nutrition.

Smart Health may help you recover from some of the illnesses you are suffering from, if you apply it consistently in your life. It is not a cure for any sickness though. If you suffer from conditions like the above mentioned and gluten intolerance, or allergies or IBS for instance – your diet will have to be adapted, preferably  by a registered dietitian, to what works for you.